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Activate Dakpark

Anchor Points of Dakpark

Dakpark has various social spaces and facilities: playground, benches, fountain square, restaurant and urban gardens. It is visible how most access points are facing Bospolder or at the two ends of the park. If you are already in the park, there is only one point to go down to the shopping street: the stairs in the middle part.

Active point 1: placid / passive encounters: chatting & viewing

According to the manager, the playground on the north side of Dakpark is a popular place, a lot of parents send their children here intently because they think it is unique. However, the open time is limited since the children are only allowed when they have parents or volunteer watched. If there was an installation on the top of the park facing the playground, the parents can chat with each other in a relaxing way while watching their kids, and foster other passive encounters. And the installation could also be a fun place for the children

Active point 2: dynamic / active encounters: sports & reaction

As there is only one stair which is in the middle on the Dakpark that connects the park and the shopping street, the space around the stair is an essential anchor point with multiple functions facilities. It could be the community centre with multiple functions and has a large ranged target group. It should be the most dynamic space in the park, with sports and reaction facilities that attract people to come and willing to spend more time

connection route

As the large space of Dakpark, it is necessary to connect the active points together, and also add sub-points with the same elements to orient people go along the park, move from one point to the other. The sub-points can be patter on the ground that identified the ground’s characteristic or oriented-viewing stand facing to the urban gardens.

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Moaaz assignment 3

Let’s make it unique


Dakpark exists on the roof of a shop which makes it a unique park where all unique activities can take a place. The location of Dakpark is utterly important because of its existence on a net of axial thoroughfares. These roads lead either to the center of the neighborhood (such as Schippersstraat) or outside it (such as Hudsonstraat), and that makes this park one of the favorite destinations of its visitors, whether from inside the neighborhood of TuBo or from outside it.

The research that has been conducted by BoTu resilience 2028 shows that the visitors of Dakpark are from different groups such as adults, children, etc. And the major purpose of their visit to the park is either to sport or to hang out, and enjoy the weather. However, the park does not accommodate enough urban furniture that complies with the needs of the visitors.

Identifying the missing elements:

– Lack of enough sitting furniture;

– Absence of any protection regarding the weather (either in summer or in winter);

– Loss of any urban furniture for sport (especially for adults);

– Lack of interaction between the visitors.

Missing elements


– Providing soft urban sitting area;

– Add sport furniture (for adults) in a manner that complies their needs;

– Provide a compact space for children to play;

– Come up with a climbing wall.

Potential activities.

The design of Let’s make it unique is to provide a space to the visitors to interact through variety of options (sporting, relaxing, sitting, etc) and to represent the identity of the park.

The proportions and the potential location of the unit in the location.
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Heart of Joy — Flexible unit for Grote Visserijplein

Photos of Grote Visserijplein during different period

The Grote Vissertijplein is a square in the heart of BoTu which holds the open market twice a week. The open market is an important activity for the neighborhood. The spatial program idea for this site is to create a function while compatible with the open market.

Right now the main users of the open markets are elder people, due to the opening time of the market we presume the users are mostly retirees, jobless, or stay at home parents. During the usual day, the site is occupied with stall equipment, and most are kids here use it as a playground.

Potential users of the site

  • Main user group of the open market:
    • Elder people
    • Parents with kids
    • Retirees

  • The potential user group of the site during usual time:
    • Kids from Park 1943, nearby schools, playgrounds
    • Users from the library
    • Users from WMO Rader
    • Residents in the neighborhood

The user of the site may vary from different time periods. In this way, the spatial program needs to be flexible and compatible with different functions and users.

Needs of Flexible Units

The example of flexible units( Pop-In, Pop-Out, Pop-Up: Collapsible Street Cinema Uses Film to Reflect on Soviet Russia in Venice)

The functions of the spatial program will contain street galleries, outdoor movies, hole neighborhood shows and events, transit storage, rest and chat space.

The flexible units can be used as a single space for small range events like chat and rest. Besides, the simple structure can be easily grouped into a bigger facility to compatible with more types of events but also can become the space divider to active the square space into different sections.

The example of flexible units( Pop-In, Pop-Out, Pop-Up: Collapsible Street Cinema Uses Film to Reflect on Soviet Russia in Venice)

Concept of flexible units arrange in site

The concept of the arrangement for the flexible units is related to the existing sculptures in the site. As the sculptures already separate the space instinctively, adding the units to combine with them can easily turn the square into few sections. In this way, the use of space can have more possibilities: besides the function of the unit itself the outer space turns into functional space as well.

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Program requirements G. Visserijplein

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Assignment 3 Pelle

Have you ever looked over the borders of dakpark?

To create a stronger bond between the Bospolder Neighbourhood and the M4H area. A direct link by creating a stair is impossible to make, but other connections can be established. The requirements of the design of this ‘pavilion’ is that it is a place where people meet and enjoy the view on the M4H area. The place must lift a person higher up.

In short:

  • Create a visual connection
  • Aspects for different groups
  • Easy to climb up
  • Multi-usable
How to create a bond beyond the barrier?

The area where the pavilion can be placed in is the highest part of the Dakpark.

The pavilion will have a strong visual connection by adding activities that work together with enjoying the view.

This pavilion can be build up out of several parts. These parts can contain, swings, stairs, sports equipment or all at the same time. An example for a multi-use pavilion is the Xarranca Pavilion in Barcelona, designed by Urban Think Tank.

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BoTu stage

The Visserijplein is centrally location in Bospolder-Tussendijken. People meet each other at the market twice a week, both active and passive encounters. At these days the square is very lively. On other days the square is almost empty. The organizations wmo radar and the library are located on the square. Wmo radar has active encounters, mostly of men with a migration background. The library attracts mostly children and women and they don’t go to the canteen of wmo radar, even though the library is connected to wmo radar. People sitting and standing around the edges, due to limited seating spots on the square.

The Resilient BoTu 2028 report shows that a square can be a central meeting space for both young and old people. The Visserijplein now is completely made out of stone, so it is too hot in summer: ‘vergroening’ needed.

Starting points

  • Connecting the diverse residents of BoTu
  • Creating a stage for the residents of BoTu
  • Providing a central meeting spot in the neighborhood
  • Creating a stronger neighborhood identity
  • Connecting people with different talents
  • Creating a hangout meeting spot at the market
  • Creating a dialogue through activities
  • ‘Vergroening’
The activity is entertainment
Central inviting location on the square, which ensures safety

Design requirements

  • Stage
  • Seating elements
  • Playful aspects (like moving art or a game)
  • 1.5 meter society
  • Addressing the different cultures
  • Greenery
  • Instagram worthy

The ‘BoTu stage’ on the Visserij plein connects the residents of BoTu through enterainment. It brings live to the square, on the days that there is no market. When there is a market taking place, the pavilion will be a recognizable meeting spot to hang out and interact with others.

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Guusje Assignment 3

Selected Location | Bospolderplein

To get a feeling for the square, I inserted the maximum dimension of the pavilion as the pink blocks (so in the end there will only be one). So as you can see, the pavilion could easily ‘disappear’ into the big size and emptiness of the space.

The square already has an uplifted platform, so one possibility for the ‘public stage’ will to make use of that platform and highlight it. The pavilion could interact with the stairs perhaps.

The big open space between the sports courts, could also offer a more central location for the pavilion.

Starting points for the pavilion:

  • should either way be accessible from all sides and not close off one part of the square (connecting different parts of the square)
  • should function during different times of the day (also when ‘the stage’ is not in use, as furniture for example)
  • People should not feel too exposed
  • Houses different cultural activities
  • Should be flexible in use (and program)
  • Easy to move
Bospolderplein scholengemeenschap (1920)
Bospolderplein Muziektent (1935)

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Moaaz assignment 2


When sport meets art

Bospolderplein is not just a normal square, it represents the diversity of the neighborhood of Bospolder. It is the place where young meets old, where sport meets art, where the important streets lead to the important parts of Bospolder. Therefore, a square like Bospolderplein needs a function that symbolizes the inclusiveness and the diversity of Bospolderplein.

Combining sport and art gives the square more identity.


‘A multifunctional square’

There is no doubt that the square of Visserijplein has a centric role in Bospolder/Tussendijken. The existence of the community center Pier 80 which accommodates many active facilities an active point for interactions. However, the (two days a week) food market makes this square one of the most active locations of the neighborhood “I always meet someone here when I shop, my main goal is grousers, but I really love meeting people here”, but the main question here How will this square be during the absence of the food market? And not to mention the absence of adequate places to sit, which mitigates the interaction chances.

suggested location of the new function.
The suggested function has a 'multifunctional task', whereas the people can read, watch a movie or a live show, or sit and enjoy the sunshine with a company.


Let’s make it unique.

Its existence on the roof of a shop makes it a unique place. This park makes every experience unparalleled sporting, shopping and even “chatting with friends”. However, its biggest problem is lacking furniture either for sitting or for sporting. Good furniture that represents the identity of Dakpark would have a great influence especially if it’s equipped with adequate furniture that targets all the groups in the neighborhood, that will not only increase the interaction but also will make every experience a – unique experience – just like Dakpark.

Potential locations of the suggested function.

Sports furniture that targets all groups.
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Keep open space active

Any enclosed or unenclosed land where there is no building or less than 1/20 of the property has a building, and the remaining land is used as a park, entertainment place, waste or unused areas.

 “Open space” was first defined in Open Space Act

What do the residents need in the open space?


  • Function: The facilities are complete in the playground, including the basketball playground, the fitness equipment, the children reaction facilities, the garden.
  • Target group: The Target group includes children, teenagers, young people, dog walkers
  • Social activities: children playing, parents chatting, teenagers/young people doing sports, walking dogs in the garden, graffiti on the open field
  • Advantages: multiple activities, multiple target group
  • Disadvantage: social activities only exist on sunny days

How to maintain the social activities in bad weather?


  • Function: The facilities fields are independent and clearly distinguished ( greenway, footpath, children reaction park, forest space, urban landscape, fountain square)
  • Target group: residents from the whole Rotterdam
  • Social activities: related sports(stretching on the railing, running around the footpath), walking, viewing, children playing, parents chatting
  • Advantage: multiple activities, multiple target group, the function of each open space is clear and not affecting each other, the influenced range is the whole Rotterdam
  • Disadvantage: social activities only exist on sunny days

How to foster the social activities in bad weather?

Grote Visserijplein

  • Function: field for regular open market
  • Target group: served for the customers who are mostly residents in Rotterdam
  • Social activities: shopping, eating, meet with friends
  • Advantage: a large number of participants, fixed participants
  • Disadvantage: the market only being held twice per week, most time the field is idle

How to keep activities happening in no-events time

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Assignment 2 Robine