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Social distancing and connection.

This is a multifunctional table whereas children, adults, and all age groups can use it. It has moveable sitting places to extent the sitting areas or to give the chance to another user to share it. Two up to four persons can use this table as a playing (rotating) object due to the wheels underneath it.

Have fun and stay safe.
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Moaaz assignment 3

Let’s make it unique


Dakpark exists on the roof of a shop which makes it a unique park where all unique activities can take a place. The location of Dakpark is utterly important because of its existence on a net of axial thoroughfares. These roads lead either to the center of the neighborhood (such as Schippersstraat) or outside it (such as Hudsonstraat), and that makes this park one of the favorite destinations of its visitors, whether from inside the neighborhood of TuBo or from outside it.

The research that has been conducted by BoTu resilience 2028 shows that the visitors of Dakpark are from different groups such as adults, children, etc. And the major purpose of their visit to the park is either to sport or to hang out, and enjoy the weather. However, the park does not accommodate enough urban furniture that complies with the needs of the visitors.

Identifying the missing elements:

– Lack of enough sitting furniture;

– Absence of any protection regarding the weather (either in summer or in winter);

– Loss of any urban furniture for sport (especially for adults);

– Lack of interaction between the visitors.

Missing elements


– Providing soft urban sitting area;

– Add sport furniture (for adults) in a manner that complies their needs;

– Provide a compact space for children to play;

– Come up with a climbing wall.

Potential activities.

The design of Let’s make it unique is to provide a space to the visitors to interact through variety of options (sporting, relaxing, sitting, etc) and to represent the identity of the park.

The proportions and the potential location of the unit in the location.
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Moaaz assignment 2


When sport meets art

Bospolderplein is not just a normal square, it represents the diversity of the neighborhood of Bospolder. It is the place where young meets old, where sport meets art, where the important streets lead to the important parts of Bospolder. Therefore, a square like Bospolderplein needs a function that symbolizes the inclusiveness and the diversity of Bospolderplein.

Combining sport and art gives the square more identity.


‘A multifunctional square’

There is no doubt that the square of Visserijplein has a centric role in Bospolder/Tussendijken. The existence of the community center Pier 80 which accommodates many active facilities an active point for interactions. However, the (two days a week) food market makes this square one of the most active locations of the neighborhood “I always meet someone here when I shop, my main goal is grousers, but I really love meeting people here”, but the main question here How will this square be during the absence of the food market? And not to mention the absence of adequate places to sit, which mitigates the interaction chances.

suggested location of the new function.
The suggested function has a 'multifunctional task', whereas the people can read, watch a movie or a live show, or sit and enjoy the sunshine with a company.


Let’s make it unique.

Its existence on the roof of a shop makes it a unique place. This park makes every experience unparalleled sporting, shopping and even “chatting with friends”. However, its biggest problem is lacking furniture either for sitting or for sporting. Good furniture that represents the identity of Dakpark would have a great influence especially if it’s equipped with adequate furniture that targets all the groups in the neighborhood, that will not only increase the interaction but also will make every experience a – unique experience – just like Dakpark.

Potential locations of the suggested function.

Sports furniture that targets all groups.