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BoTu stage

The Visserijplein is centrally location in Bospolder-Tussendijken. People meet each other at the market twice a week, both active and passive encounters. At these days the square is very lively. On other days the square is almost empty. The organizations wmo radar and the library are located on the square. Wmo radar has active encounters, mostly of men with a migration background. The library attracts mostly children and women and they don’t go to the canteen of wmo radar, even though the library is connected to wmo radar. People sitting and standing around the edges, due to limited seating spots on the square.

The Resilient BoTu 2028 report shows that a square can be a central meeting space for both young and old people. The Visserijplein now is completely made out of stone, so it is too hot in summer: ‘vergroening’ needed.

Starting points

  • Connecting the diverse residents of BoTu
  • Creating a stage for the residents of BoTu
  • Providing a central meeting spot in the neighborhood
  • Creating a stronger neighborhood identity
  • Connecting people with different talents
  • Creating a hangout meeting spot at the market
  • Creating a dialogue through activities
  • ‘Vergroening’
The activity is entertainment
Central inviting location on the square, which ensures safety

Design requirements

  • Stage
  • Seating elements
  • Playful aspects (like moving art or a game)
  • 1.5 meter society
  • Addressing the different cultures
  • Greenery
  • Instagram worthy

The ‘BoTu stage’ on the Visserij plein connects the residents of BoTu through enterainment. It brings live to the square, on the days that there is no market. When there is a market taking place, the pavilion will be a recognizable meeting spot to hang out and interact with others.