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Inclusive Bospolderplein

Bospolderplein square needs to be transformed into a safe place where people can gather more often and connect. A small community centre could perhaps facilitate that where people could share their thoughts, knowledge, culture, food and concerns about their neighbourhood. An outdoor living room for children, elderly and families where age and nationality doesn’t separate them, just like a big team!

Target group

Where young meets elderly:

An age-friendly world enables people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age.


What do children and elderly have in common?

Both children and the elderly have fountains of love that they want to share. They both have innocence and vulnerability. They love playing games and music. They love to dance. They love stories, some like telling stories and others like hearing stories. They like each other. They find each other fascinating. They look at life through different eyes. They are curious about things and people. 

Possible Activities

  • Storytelling. Swapping stories is a great activity and can help build a connection.
  • Planting seeds or gardening. This illustrates the stages of the life cycle.
  • Talking about ethnic heritage. Share ethnic customs, discuss the meaning of a name in the native language, or relate special stories passed down about culture.
  • Preparing a meal together as well as eating together
  • Playing games
  • Music and Dancing


Bospolderplein already has good amount of green and sport facilities which is functioning well at the moment. The idea is to create flexible structure which work as meeting points for different activities. These activities are connected with a 1:1 board game painted on the ground with chalk. these games can

Future possibility

These interventions can expand to the rest of the neighbourhood in the future. In this way Bospolderplein, Dak Park and Grote Visserijplein could be connected in a larger scale as well. The games on the ground would act as guiding elements and motivation in order to attract people to the meeting spot.