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1.5M Distance Fun

During Covid-19 most people have to stay at home and reduce outdoor activities. Many interesting behaviors appear such as: Balcony concerts, UAV walking dogs.etc. The way people using space has changed dramatically. In the past, the space between buildings is passive even ignored by people. But during this period, the outer window/balcony space become active even the communication space for neighbors.

Removable table tennis board

Inspired by the video of Italy balcony tennis show, I come up with the idea of this removable table tennis board. Each board will be half part of a whole table which can be made by the thin film to reduce the self-weight.

This board can be printed with different patterns to suit different types of games(billiards, poker, table football, and so on). Surrounding the board can also attach nets to store missing balls so the balls miss catch won’t fall to the ground and hurt others.