M4H and Schiemond

Research Aim

Research Method

Interviews conclusion map

Interviews taken on 3-3-2020 +/- 10.00
  • Dakpark is a popular space for active social interactions in sunny weather
  • Residents from Bospolder only go the shops and cafes in M4H

Zones with diverse identity

Due to the easily perceivable difference of researched neighborhoods, 4 sub-are defined: Dakpark, Shopping street Vierhavensstraat, M4H and Schiemond. The aim is to achieve a more focused research and consequently more specific answers regarding the areas, by such division in zones of interest and later their re-connection in a complex entity.

Merwevierhaven and Schiemond are, unquestionably, complex areas that are capable of defining multiple places with a variety of identities and focus groups

Social encounters

Anchor point map

The final point map is the result of the combined qualitative and quantitative research. Dakpark is a complex social meeting place, with multiple functions.

The shopping street can foster passive encounters and attract people from Bospolder and further.

M4H in the current situation has only some specific functions for specific target groups.

  1. Dakpark
    Strong social interactions due to the green function
    Recommend: strengthen the investment by the municipality in Dakpark’s organizations.
  2. Shopping Boulevard
    Increase the connection between M4H and Bospolder; potential passive social encounters.
    Recommend: draw people from a broader circle; invest in a better connection between the Vierhavenstraat and the Bospolder.
  3. The Harbour Area (M4H)
    Specific functions for specific target groups
    Recommend: establish more anchor points for social activities in M4H and transform it into a destination for
    the people of the surrounding neighbourhoods and further.
  4. Residential area Schiemond
    Good living environment for its inhabitants’ social interaction
    Recommend: make the crossing of the Vierhavenstraat into Schiemond more attractive, and nudging the route towards the Maas